Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quick Presidential Poster

Just got home from a family trip from Ohio to Georgia - drove lots of country roads and enjoyed lots of southern accents, etc. Witnessed a bad car accident, nearly became a part of it... let's just say, I am extra happy to be bringing some updates to the blog today and all of the future days!

I drew some presidents for my cousin's upcoming event, Five Dollar Funny. Here we have chuckling Abraham Lincoln in tears, as well as a happy little George Washington. The turnaround was a handful of hours last night, start to finish. Just something to get some extra attraction through Facebook and the like. Below is the comp I came to after sifting through various sketches via Photoshop layers.

If you happen to be floating around the Chicago area:

My cousin was one of my bigger inspirations growing up - he was always the comedian of the family, and he went out of his way to follow that into his adult life. Watching him get where he wanted to go with comedy helped me see that I too can follow my own path as an artist. When he asked if I could make this... I was definitely happy to.

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