Monday, May 13, 2013

Forthmade - GOD T-Shirts

Two years ago during winter break, I made a series of vector images that depicted different creatures with the word "GOD" slapped across their foreheads. My concept was a mix of playing on the tendency people have to assume as well as the varying personal accounts and definitions people tend to take the meaning of the word to. When my friend asked me to contribute a piece to a project he was doing for class, Forthmade (, I was stuck on ideas as to what to put on a t-shirt. After talking with a friend or two, and remembering what brought me to creating the image in the first place, I happily chose this little lion man:

My friend Ian Ballantyne ( taught me how to screenprint one weekend, and I ended up with nine new tees as well a handful of other clothes I stamped with the king of the jungle:

As a first experience with t-shits and screenprinting, I am really interested to try again and continue efforts such as this. I still have a handful of shirts left and am wanting to give them to happy new homes! If you are interested, let me know!

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