Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Character Design Collab Pitch: Pizza Palace

My pitch to my Character Design group for our group project:

"Family owned & operated since the Nile started flowing, Palace Pizza is the best pizza place in all of Egypt. While mom lavishly enjoys the wealth and glory her business gives her, her husband happily makes pizzas on pizzas on pizzas, sending them out for top-quality delivery by their son via camel-back. The son has become an expert at avoiding/outsmarting the demon Ammit who is always trying to steal herself a hot fresh box of pizza."
More of a comedy, but a pitch none the less. This way there are three humanoid characters, 1 cute animal, and 1 toothy demon, which could play to all of our strengths as character designers.

We can stretch this tv-show-type idea into a movie easily (maybe the demon has had enough and wants to take over the pizza place, maybe they are tired of paying for pizza, etc). We could also raise the stakes to more of a monarchy (maybe in this world, the king/queen/prince actually serve the public this way).

Here's the link to some info on "Ammit" (we would be changing the idea of soul-eater into pizza-eater) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ammit"

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