Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sculpt Adventure

Yesterday was a landmark day - I made my first finished/realized sculpt... ever! I played around in ZBrush a few weeks ago, but opted to start with Sculptris this time around.

Here's a screencap of what I managed to create in Sculptris, which I definitely reccommend for anyone antsy to give sculpting a try (as well as anyone who has ever felt that ZBrush was a little too over their head).

My friend Ben Irmen helped me pull the sculpt into ZBrush for a Z-Makeover. He helped me make a Z-Collar, eyes that didn't look like Z-Breasts, and give me some fancy Z-Lights so I could provide my blog with a fancy Z-Image.

Soon this fat puppy alien dog will be a little toy for me to hold and befriend in real life, thanks to one of our school's newest edition: a 3D printer. Here's me holding one of the first prints that it made - a piece by one of our professor, Mark Fitzpatrick. While I'm at it, I'll show you a picture of my first creation from my first time in Z-Brush: Booty Bug.

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