Sunday, November 3, 2013

Selfie Sunday: Glasses

This week is the first of November. This week was a blast. It included a talk from the Quay Brothers on Thursday, Adam Osgood on Friday, and an extra good Gallery Hop which included Brian Ewing's show at Rivet Gallery.

There was a moment at Rivet yesterday when someone wearing an Electric Zombie hoodie was standing by and talking with Brian. Why is this cool? Well, for a moment, my two favorite artists who do lots of work for bands were kind of in the same bubble for a minute of time.

This week marks the second week I've joined the four-eyes club. Contacts have been nice, but golly, nothing beats taking naps and falling asleep for the night without having to touch your eyeballs.


I am gearing up for CTN here in a few weeks, and I just made and ordered business cards. My first. This is a nice feeling! I wanted to make something that was a nod to my thesis. I added a little bubble to write notes in on the "cute" side of my card and paired it with a toothy/scary version on the back.

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