Monday, November 11, 2013


Demo Reel Fall 2013 from Sarah Schmidt on Vimeo.

This week is a very real week for me (hahh, a very REEL week... here's my new demo reel). I have been trying to do some spick-and-spanning of my website in order to get ready for the big weekend... me and a handful of my friends are heading out to to California for our first CTN experience. The farthest I've been across the country without being a 6 year old in Oklahoma would be Springfield, Illinois to see The Graduate. Aw, gosh.

I spent some quality time with a camera and a slew of scanners to make a huge chunk of my website dedicated to my sketchbooks. You have been warned! Also, hovering with a camera over sketchbooks for extended amounts of time will make the back of your thighs hurt like mothers.

 My business cards also came in!

And I am currently trying to tame the beast that is this adorable little Nook.

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